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Q: How do I activate the "Enter" key so the linefeed character gets entered? I know how to do this in Emacs and I'm a big fan of it, but I'm trying to get in to Vim a little bit more and I'm not having much luck. I know how to switch modes in Vim: :set viminfo+=a And then I get visual-line mode, which is really nice, but it won't let me edit the line without mashing the Enter key. It seems there is no way to toggle the Enter key so I can use it for editing the line. What is the easiest way to do this in Vim? Or am I missing something completely? A: To switch to visual mode in vim, press i, which is synonymous with Enter. You can also use (Return) as it's shortcut to Enter. You have to edit your vimrc file in order to get it to act differently. I've used a solution which has worked for me in the past that I'll post here. You can search around for a lot of different methods if you don't find what you want. "It looks like ESC is a new key press function in Vim 7.3, and ENTER is being mapped " as CR, so this works around that. function! ToggleEnter() if &mod!= '' || len(getreg('mod', 1)) let mod = "", shift = "", silent = 1 let cmd = getreg('cmd', 1) else let mod = "", shift = "", silent = 0 let cmd = "" endif " Only do this if the filetype is 'change' or '!change' if &filetype ==? 'change' || &filetype ==? '!change' let command = ":setlocal cms=C|cs="," let command.= "enter=" let command.= "redraw!|redraw|" if silent



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Narasimha Priya Magazine Download Pdf ardbabi

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